Quebec Farrier Association

The AMFQ was founded in 1988 in Saint-Hyacinthe, thanks to the collaboration of its founder, M. Jacques Tremblay and the other farriers present at its first meeting.

At the time, the association amounted to roughly 35 members. This number has more quadrupled and today, the AMFQ counts over a 120 regular members. Our main goals are to educate horse owners and farriers on the importance of quality hoof care appropriate to each equine discipline; secondly, we provide further education to farriers and other hoofcare professionals.

Today, our association offers a variety of services to its members, starting with learning activities, competitions, updates on the industry as well as added visibility.

Our mission

Board of directors

Benoit Masse

Patrice Girard

Kathrine Hébert

Antoine Giasson

Antoine Vigneron

Charles André Lemieux CF

Francis Dufresne-Cyr CJF

Solenne Wagner

Vanessa Morency St-Pierre CJF