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These acronyms stand for “Certified Farrier” and “Certified Journeyman Farrier”. These titles are earned when a farrier successfully completes the respective certifications with the American Farriers Association (AFA).

Completing these certifications is a personal challenge for farriers who seek to perfect their mastery of the trade. Both certifications test the farrier’s theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills. To complete the CF certification, the farrier is required to have good anatomical and biomechanical knowledge as well as solid skills at the forge and when shoeing horses. For CJF, even more in depth knowledge and hands-on mastery are required.

The AMFQ being a small association, it would be very difficult for us to have our own certification system and as such have decided to rely on the world recognized certification system of the AFA.

Each year, the AMFQ organises a certification exam for its members. These exams are completely optional and offered on a voluntary basis. So, it’s possible your farrier is not yet certified, but it won’t prevent him/her from being knowledgeable and skillful!