Clinique Compétition Vermont

 October 12, 2018

Juge Craig Trnka

class 1

Div 1 45 min class Make a front shoe toe clipped and make a hind shoe with quarter clips, both front and hind have a fullered outside heel to widen it.

Div 2 45 minute class 12″ x 3/8″ x 3/4″ one front and one hind 3/4 fullered. front toe clipped, hind quarter clipped with a safe toe.6 nails

Div 3 60 min class pair of slippered heel bar shoes. 3/8″x1″x15″ 7 nail holes. toe clip to be bob punched from the foot surface. Ground surface to be saved off from heel nail to heel nail.

class 2

Div 1 50 min class Make a sidebone shoe out of a keg shoe front with a safed off lateral side and toe clip. Hind preventer out of a keg shoe with the medial branch that cuts across to the medial quarter. toe clip and lateral side clip.

Div 2 60 min class a straight bar and an egg bar to be made out of 3/8″x3/4″x 14 1/2″ plain stamped for six nails and toe clipped. both shoes to be a pair.

Div 3 65 min class is a pair of hind roadster, 3/4 fullered, toe clipped, Caulkin and wedge. 11 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 1 1/4″

class 3

Div 1 60 min class hind keg shoe with toe clip, make a plain stamped hind shoe with toe clip, 6 nails to fit exact same shape (foot)

Div 2 60 min class shoe a foot with appropriate stock 3/4 fullered toe clip. pleasure fit (no flat iron hanging out, boxed to the foot) specimen is a plain stamped hind 1″ x 3/8″ x 12″ 6 nails and a toe clip.

Div 3 70 min class Fully fullered appropriate stock, Masselotte toe clip, pleasure fit. Specimen is a plain stamped cobb front with a bob punched toe clip, 7 nails, fullered lateral heel 1/2″x 1″ x 13″