Convention Ontario

 September 20, 2018

The Ontario Farriers Association Convention will be an exciting and packed weekend with discussions on evidence based shoeing and a scientific approach to understanding what we do to let a horse perform to the best of it’s ability and why these approaches actually work. This discussion will be led by British farrier Jon Nunn FWCF in association with Werkman horseshoes. The series of workshops and seminars will deal with pathologies of the hoof and limb and the approaches necsesary to successfully tackle these situations complete with demonstrations and hoof disections.
This years convention will be at the Orangeville Fairgrounds, 247090, 5 Sideroad
Mono, Ontario L9W6K5
The weekend will start early with our annual competition on Thursday September 20th, judged by Mr. Nunn with a workshop on the approach to building some of the shoes on the list in the morning.
Lunch will be provided for all 3 days and our annual banquet wil be on the Friday evening.

The host hotel will be the Best Western, Orangeville so you can book your room now for a discounted rate.

Orangeville Inn & Suites
7 Buena Vista Drive
Orangeville, ON L9W 0A2, Canada
Phone: 519.941-3311
We look forward to seeing you all there