Annual competition in St-Hyacinthe Qc

 May 4, 2018

Roadster:51/4W   51/2L Medial wedge  6L Lateral caulk

French Hind:51/2W  61/8L  Toe 2 5/8

May 4-7 : Annual competition in St-Hyacinthe Qc
Coupe des Maitres au Salon du cheval
Judge : Roy Bloom

Host hotel: mention AMFQ Farrier to get our special rate

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Hotel le Dauphin 1250 Daniel-Johnson O, Saint-Hyacinthe Québec, Canada J2S 7K7
tel:  450-774-4418 mention AMFQ for special rate

friday clinic for all members: Tools tuning with Roy! (50$ lunch included)
(clinic included for competitors)

Info : Maxim Poirier 450-230-0218

shoe list

-Aluminium plain stamp toe clip 45 min
-4 keg shoes:2w fullered toe and toe clip,2w side clip on a patern 60 min
-4 keg shoes:2w rocked toe and toe clip,2w lateral extension on a pattern 60 min
-Make a pritchel 60 min
-Pair of egg bar shoe 60 min



-Pair of Strait bar 3/4 fullered toe clip on a pattern 50 min
-4 handmades 3/4 fullered: 2 fronts toe clip, 2 hind side clips on a pattern 90 min
-Draft plain stamp 3/8x 1″1/4 x 18 Pair of fronts and a pair of hinds toe cliped 90 min
-Pair of Reining plates 35 min
-Pair of Sidebone shoe 45 min

Old Timers
(40 years and older!!)

-Shoe 2 feet 3/4 fullered toe clip 80 min
-Pair of Strait Barshoe 3/4 fullered toe clip on pattern 3/8×3/4 x 15″1/2  50 min



-Live Shoeing Team (2)
Each Shoe one foot 3/4 fullered toe clip and
Front foot specimen Fullered Roadster 1/2 x 1 x 11″1/2
Hind foot specimen French Hind 3/8 x 1″1/4 x 11″1/2
120 min

-Same class in the afternoon



-Four Man Draft
Beveled Front
Lateral Extension Hind
150 min